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HMP stands for High Modulus Polymer. More specifically, an olefin-based high modulus polymer.

Working with this fiber we found out that weight of our surfboards can be reduced and at the same time the impact resistance, damage tolerance and signal transmission vastly improved.
We expanded the performance of existing materials and invented a system for the manufacturing process.


How can I fix a HMP?

It’s quite simple to repair as a classic polyester board, but it’s important that you use epoxy resin because of the EPS core.

Is it also possible to build custom boards in HMP construction?

Yes, it is! We can build any conceivable shape in HMP construction, as we do not like the competition to make such alternative constructions in a mold process

Is it possible to do resin tints with this construction?

Yo braa! You can create the crazy psychedelic resin tint ideas and we will try to realize this. Be creative!

What are the flex properties compared to a classic poly construction?

In short, great! With this technology, flex characteristics can be produced, which on the one hand have gentle bending properties but also have a very high back tension.

This gives the board a very lively feeling that helps you make your maneuver even more powerful.

Are epoxy structures stiffer than poly constructions?

No! This is a myth! This myth comes from the first surfboards built with epoxy resins.

These were pressed in a very simple sandwich construction, in a mold.

These boards really had a riding behavior like a door.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any further questions, let us know.

Just write a message to us (link contact us) and you will quickly get a personal answer.

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