Flying along the Highline!
Our aim while designing this shape was to combine speed of a retro fish with the responsiveness of a shortboard, here it is “The high line”.
The fuller nose section in combination with a really relaxed entry-rocker accelerates like a super charged racecar, you can reach speed from any section of the wave.
We vaccinated a lot of shortboard dna in this fishy looking sled with a unique bottom contour. The vee in the nose increases the maneuverability and allows tight turns without catching rail. This turns into a deep double concave to single and then in a vee double concave.
The kick in the exit rocker and the thin tail section will slice you everything you want.
Ideal for people who like to surf high line, land tricks with ease, without working hard…

  • Skill level: INTERMEDIATE – PRO


This board comes standard in poly construction with FUTURES fin system and slightly tapered halfmoon.

In case you prefer a different tail/shape/fin system please head over to our Custom Order sheet.

Length Width Thickness Volume (L) Tail Fin System  Fin Setup
5’3 19,03″ 2,20″ 23.2 slightly tapered halfmoon Futures/FCS Thruster
5’5 19,32″ 2,27″ 25.2 slightly tapered halfmoon Futures/FCS Thruster
5’7 19,79″ 2,34″ 27 slightly tapered halfmoon Futures/FCS Thruster