Step into the future!

With this model we rethought the traditional way of shaping high performance shortboards. It is instead based on fluid dynamic theories. Through a refined and parallel outline, it is super versatile in river waves that have high pressure. Reduced flywheel mass reduces your turning torque helping you make your turns more responsive. The Hydrodynamic One has a low nose rocker for lots of speed but, the entry channel still generates plenty of pressure under your feet. This gives the nose just enough lift. A deep single concave then continues into the tail section. Together, this all ends up in an exit channel combined with a jet tail for increased control. For this reason, ride this board 3-6 inches shorter than your regular shortboard.

  • Skill level: INTERMEDIATE – PRO


This board comes standard in poly construction with FUTURES fin system and winged jet tail.

In case you prefer a different tail/shape/fin system please head over to our Custom Order sheet.

Length Width Thickness Volume (L) Tail Fin System  Fin Setup
4’10 17,83″ 2,07″ 19.80 winged jet Futures/FCS Thruster
5’0 18,45″ 2,18″ 21.15 winged jet Futures/FCS Thruster
5’1 18,76″ 2,20″ 22.85 winged jet Futures/FCS Thruster 
5’2 18,76″ 2,19″ 23.3 winged jet Futures/FCS Thruster