The surgery blade for high performance surfing!


When we started designing this board, we first thought about high performance ocean surfing. We transfered this particular characteristics to the river. This shape has been perfected with feedback from our team river rider. The slight setback at the widest point, combined with a pointy nose helps you slay the wave. The relatively deep single to double concave makes it fast and steady for some serious carving.

The tight arc in the tail section helps to deal with the most critical maneuvers and creates a very precise release point. This board will push you to the next level in high performance river surfing.

  • Skill level: ADVANCED – PRO
    OCEAN: 3 – 6ft (light surfers + groms)


This board comes standard in poly construction with FUTURES fin system and Squash tail.

In case you prefer a different tail/shape/fin system please head over to our Custom Order sheet.

Length Width Thickness Volume (L) Tail Fin System  Fin Setup
4’10 16,67″ 1,9″ 16.6 Squash Futures/FCS Thruster
5’0 17,24″ 2,09″ 18 Squash Futures/FCS Thruster
5’2 17,81″ 2,16″ 20.8 Squash Futures/FCS Thruster
5’4 18,38″ 2,24″ 23 Squash Futures/FCS Thruster
5’6 18,95″ 2,24″ 24 Squash Futures/FCS Thruster
5’8 18,91″ 2,30″ 25,5 Squash Futures/FCS Thruster