When designing this board, we had an well-rounded workhorse in mind that could be surfed in a wide variety of conditions.
The extra thickness in the nose section helps for catching waves, while the balanced outline assists with stability. The winger gives the board its flexibility back. This board will give you the chance to catch a lot of waves while still being responsive and lively. It is refined as an alternative board model. The WASTED FOX comes standard with a rounded pin to adjust the shape and design. It has a deep single to double concave running from entry to tail. Its strengths are maneuverability and tube riding ability.

  • Skill level: KOOK – PRO
  • Swell size: 2-8 ft


This board comes standard in poly construction with FUTURES fin system and slight winged rounded pin tail.

In case you prefer a different tail/shape/fin system please head over to our Custom Order sheet.

Length Width Thickness Volume (L) Tail Fin System  Fin Setup
5’10 18,56″ 2,3″ 26.731 slight winged rounded pin
Futures/FCS 5-fin
6’0 18,63″ 2,37″ 28.3 slight winged rounded pin Futures/FCS 5-fin
6’3 19,41″ 2,47″ 32.2 slight winged rounded pin Futures/FCS 5-fin