It`s a blast from the past!

This board is a tribute to the most famous twinfin board of the early 80s. The classic siluette has been spiced up with some shortboard DNA. The medium rocker line is well balanced to give the board plenty of speed and responsiveness for shortboard maneuvers. The bottom contour starts with a vee flowing into a single under your feet to give maximum control and ends with a double concave. The volume distribution got pulled slightly forward by a notch to gain paddle power without losing agility and performance. The outline has been pulled in by 1/4”inch adding performance and agility. This board transitions easily from rail to rail and gives better control and power under your Feet. The Hommage feels home in any condition and will provide you a guaranteed after surf stoke! It is the perfect all-rounder for Intermediate to expert surfers in any type of wave

  • Skill level: INTERMEDIATE – PRO
  • Swell size: 2-7 ft

This board comes standard in poly construction with FUTURES twin system and fish tail. In case you prefer a different tail/shape/fin system please head over to our Custom Order sheet.

Length Width Thickness Volume (L) Tail Fin System  Fin Setup
5’3 18,0″ 2,1″ 23,2 fish Futures/FCS twin
5’5 18,6″ 2,2″ 25,48 fish Futures/FCS twin
5’7 19,1″ 2,2″ 27,9 fish Futures/FCS twin
5’9 19,7″ 2,3″ 30,47 fish Futures/FCS twin
5’11 20,3″ 2,4″ 33,2 fish Futures/FCS twin
6’1 20,8″ 2,4″ 36,09 fish Futures/FCS twin