"Summer surf atlantic" - Riotsurfboards
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“Summer surf atlantic”

Last summer we spent 4 weeks in France and Spain, wildcamping in a van.

Main spots surfed:
Lacanau, Hossegor, Laga, Ajo, Langre, San Vicente de la Barquera, Xago, Frexulfe, Esteiro, San Xurxo, Doninos

Total traveled distance:    5500km


1x WastedFox 6.3“
1x DeathSled 6.0“
1x VacationSlasher 5.8“
1x Prototype

The goal was spending as much time as possible in the water. We got it all from small pussy summer waves until 8-10 foot bombs in Galicia.
Wildcamping in the main season, good idea? Yes! La policia was sometimes our personal wakeup call.
On flat days we did spearfishing, skateboarding or went to special Fiji shops to buy unnecessary stuff.

Now check out some of our surf impressions.

Story will be continued.

Stay tuned.